200-level student sparks reaction as he lands remote job that pays him N3.2 M

A 200 level student sparks reaction online after revealing that he gets paid N3.2 Million naira for a remote job he got.

A 200-level university student creates buzz online after lands a remote job paying over 2 million naira while in school.

The yet to be identified student applied for this foreign position after rigorous interview process he landed the job and is earning a monthly salary of $3,000, equivalent to a sum of N3.2 million.

The student expressed his desire to move abroad after finishing their university studies.

How ever the student confused about taxes asked if he needs to pay taxes on the money.

Netizens Reactions:

@Abigailsam18 said: “No, you don’t. I believe before your salary comes in, there are some deductions which might include tax as well, if do, you don’t need to pay taxes again.”

@OfficialDadyA2 commented: “You don’t need to pay taxes. You are good.”

@ObioraChinyeree said: “I don’t think taxes have anything to do with japaing. Maybe someone else knows better. Plus you’re a student.”

@8043_Ghost said: “He should go for it. N2.3 million salary every month is not small and will go a long way in creating wealth for him in Nigeria if he makes smart investments.”

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