21-year-old lady loses her job after co-worker impregnated her and abscondd

A 21 years old lady has been left heartbroken and jobless after losing her job after she was abandoned by her lover who was a coworker.

A 21-year-old lady has been left heartbroken and jobless after losing her job following abandonment by her lover who was also a co-worker.

The Chairperson of the International Federation of Women Lawyers (FIDA), Rivers State branch, Barrister Adata Bio-Briggs, shared the story on his social media, revealing the challenges faced by this young mother.

On Saturday, January 20th, 2024, Bio-Briggs took to Facebook to narrate the encounter.

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The 21-year-old lady explained that she had been working as a bar girl when she became pregnant by her co-worker, whom she considered the love of her life.

Surprisingly , the man absconded, leaving her not only heartbroken but also unemployed.

On finding out about her pregnancy, her employer reportedly chased her away, and her mother refused to offer support, insisting that the responsibility rested with the absentee father.

She wrote;

“Today I met an innocent looking girl, I actually thought she was 15years old with a new born baby, she was looking pale, hungry and confused,”

“I asked her story, she’s 21, she was a bar girl, got pregnant for the love of her life a fellow hotel worker who has now absconded, her boss chased her away and her mother told her not to come to her, that the man responsible must take charge.

“Her mother is with her new family, she doesn’t know her father, it’s a cycle repeating itself.

My heart aches and I want her story to change.

“I asked her what she can do and she said she could sell if she was given money to start.

“I gave her some money and asked her to come back on Tuesday to see what we can do for her to start something.

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