33 years old teacher arrested for getting pregnant for her 17 years old student

A 33 years old female teacher identified as Morgan Freche has been arrested for getting pregnant for her 17 years old student in United States of America.

A 33 years old teacher, Morgan Freche, has been arrested and charges in the United States for allegedly getting pregnant for her 17 years old male student.

Mis Freche was arrested on October 3 after an investigation and a warrant was released for her arrest in Tangipahoa Parish.

After her arrest, Freche was charged with rape and sexual battery after she gave birth to the child two years ago.

Before her arrest, Freche resigned from her place of work at Lorainger High School.

On September 24, Freche was reported to the Sheriff, Daniel Edwards for becoming pregnant for the teenager.

She was charged with counts of third-degree rape and oral sexual battery, as well as four counts of felony carnal knowledge of a juvenile.

“While we cannot share specific details regarding the investigation, we can confirm that the allegations were dealt with promptly, and the investigation process has been rigorous and thorough,’ Edwards said after Freche resigned last week.

“This type of investigation is time-consuming and is being handled with great care. Under no circumstances will we be rushed for closure.”

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