70 years old woman who chased guests out of her birthday party in UK over Asoebi apologizes

Alhaja Oluwatoyin Bucknor who gained attention after chasing her guests out of her birthday party for not purchasing asoebi tenders a public apology for her actions.

Alhaja Oluwatoyin Bucknor, a birthday celebrant who gained notoriety for chasing her guests away from her party in the UK for not purchasing asoebi, tenders public apology for her actions.

In a viral video the 70 years woman was seen tendering a heartfelt apology to those who were offended by her behavior.

In a previous video which has since gone viral Oluwatoyin was seen passionately confronting her guests and chasing them out of her party over asoebi dispute.

In the new video, Mrs. Bucknor, speaking in Yoruba, explained her side of the story.

She clarified that her anger stemmed from the unexpected presence of certain individuals who were uninvited.

These individuals had reportedly purchased the asoebi attire associated with the party.

However, upon discovering their attendance, Mrs. Bucknor asserted that she promptly refunded their money for the asoebi, as she did not intend for them to be part of the celebration.

Despite the refund, the uninvited guests insisted on attending the event against her wishes.

In her apology, Alhaja Oluwatoyin Bucknor expressed her regret for the way she had handled the situation, acknowledging that her actions may have offended some of her guests.

She pleaded for forgiveness from those who were hurt by her behavior.

Additionally, Mrs. Bucknor extended her heartfelt wishes for longevity and prosperity to all her guests, expressing her hope that they would live beyond their 70s and even reach their 80s.

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See how netizens Reactions…

@abjluxuryhub said; “Will leave even when putting on the Aso ebi! That’s gross disrespect!

“Mean girls grow old too. Not everybody elderly has comportment and decorum.”

@taiwo_junzi said; “I don’t know why people do not respect themselves. Them say make you no come party, you carry yourself go. If them send them go Marlian record them deserve am.

“Eyin Alainitiju gbogbo yi.”

@donking19uk said; “She can apologize all she want she has already exposed the true state of her mentality and soul.”

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