“85% of women want a divorce” — Jaiye Kuti

Popular Nollywood actress, Jaiye Kuti has opened up on the struggle faced by many women in their marriage and how most of them don’t mind getting a divorce at some point.

Famous Nollywood actress, Jaiye Kuti speaks on the struggle faced by many women in their marriages and how most want to get a divorce at some point.

She made this known in a recent interview where she revealed that due to the cultural differences of most couples, marriage become hard at some point.

Speaking further, Jaiye Kuti revealed that after marriage, couples tend to find out new aspect of their spouses compared to when in the dating stage. She spoke on how these new factors can be quite challenging for most women.

Using herself as an example, Jaiye stated that she tried to exit her marriage three times but ended up finding herself stuck in it.

In her words;

“If you ask hundred women, 85% wants to exit their marriage. I even tried to leave like thrice. The issue is when you marry someone from a different tradition and when a man wants to get married, he would treat and pamper a woman well but the second marriage and children are involved, everyone will start to show their true colours. Also, men can be egocentric in nature; and also can’t be stopped from cheating.”

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