“A man cheating has nothing to do with you” — BasketMouth’s ex-wife, Elsie Okpocha

Popular enterprenuer and the ex-wife of comedian BasketMouth, Elsie Okpocha has advised women with cheating partners to stop blaming themselves for the actions of a cheating man.

The Ex-wife of BasketMouth, Elsie Okpocha, has advised women to stop blaming themselves because a man is cheating on them.

She shared the advise while using American rapper, Cardi B as an example, speaking on how the rapper took to her Instagram live recently while lamenting in severe pain as she got cheated on again.

She pointed out that a lot of women might be wondering why Cardi B who is very successful, have a great personality and a nice body would be cheated on.

According to Elsie, 80% of the time a man cheats, it has nothing to do with the woman.

She said a woman can be beautiful, intelligent, sexy, know how to cook his favorite dishes and he will still cheat on her.

She ended the video by advising women to stop feeling bad and blaming themselves for the actions of another person. She also encouraged them to marry kind partners who will not humiliate or disrespect you even if he cheats on you.

Watch the video below.

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