After years of marriage, Regina Daniels officially takes husband’s surname

Nigerian actress, Regina Daniels officially takes her husband’s surname years after getting married to Ned Nwoko.

Popular Nollywood actress, Regina Daniels officially takes her husband, Ned Nwoko’s surname after years of marriage, unveils her new name on her Instagram bio.

Regina Daniels have been married to her husband, Ned Nwoko for nearly four years, however, she refused to change her name and retained her maiden name, Daniels.

To begin the New Year, Regina rebranded her Instagram account by add her husband’s name.

The mother of two boys now goes by the name Regina Daniels Nneamaka Nwoko as announced on her Instagram page.

Additionally, she teased her fans about an upcoming significant event, mentioning the difficulty in selecting two fans to connect with.

“2023 I went, saw and overcame 💎👑
2024 I’m ready 🥂

2nd slide : I tried to do detty December and old me couldn’t take it after one night and fell sick 🤦‍♀️

After much difficulty, I selected two persons on slide 4/5 … pls dm your details….
But don’t worry guys something else is coming 🎉🔥

The name will now be Regina Daniels Nneamaka Nwoko ❤️🥂,” she wrote.

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