Angela Okorie speaks on why Zubby Michael cannot mourn Junior Pope

Popular Nollywood actress, Angela Okorie speaks on the controversy surrounding Zubby Michael and why he cannot dare to mourn the death of his colleague, Junior Pope.

Nollywood actress Angela Okorie weighs in on the controversy trailing colleague Zubby Michael, revealing why he cannot dare to publicly mourn the loss of his senior colleague, Junior Pope.

This follows the backlashes Zubby faced for his nonchalant post on social media while his colleagues were mourning the death of Junior Pope.

Addressing the issue online, Angela Okorie alleged that the actor has always competed with others in the industry, always sabotaging relationships in his quest to be the best in the industry.

She made this known in the comment section of a blog post, stating;

“Dem no born am well to post Junior pop, he knows why he is running, nollywood knows his story with Junior pop, Nigga be fighting every1 cos he wanna be number 1 of nollywood, mind you Junior pop na zubby Oga,” she wrote.

Reactions below:
certified_lord_44 noted: “Do you know how many people you sef dey fight. Delete this your comment. Ewu.”

dagboru1011 penned: “Wow there’s really a lot going on in dis movie industries.”

prinzlet_properties penned: “what of JerryAmilo dat posted him she everybody was attacking him pls allow people to mourn they way der spirit direct dem posting his pictures doesn’t show love sanitation is not love.”

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