Aquafina empowers viral hawker, Dr. H2O with business

Popular brand, Aquafina rewards street hawker Dr. H2O with business setup.

Popular bottle water brand, Aquafina, which is a subsidiary under the Seven-Up Bottling Company, has rewarded viral hawker, Wisdom Nsima better known as Dr. H20, with a complete business setup worth millions of Naira.

This took place in Onitsha, Anambra state of Nigeria, where Wisdom resides.

Recall that wisdom some months back was captured in a viral video educating some people caught in traffic about the benefit of drinking table water while trying to make ends meet.

Luckily for him the video got the attention of the brand who had a meeting with Wisdom.

Some members of Aquafina team travelled to Onitsha to present Dr.H20 with business, which includes a well-stocked store filled to the brim with Aquafina products, a generator, a deep freezer, a tricycle truck, and a cash reward, among other essentials.

Isaac Iku, the Assistant General Manager of Seven-Up Bottling Company Enugu, expressed his admiration for Dr.H20’s unwavering commitment to promoting the Aquafina brand with passion and confidence.

In his words;

“Wisdom Nsima’s bravery in promoting the Aquafina brand by taking ownership and confidently marketing the brand to consumers and commuters in such an fluent and confident manner left a lasting impression in the hearts of Nigerians. We are committed to supporting him in achieving his dreams to become an entrepreneur. As a gesture of our commitment, we have set up this business for him to keep him soaring as we see his work, creativity and potential grow.

“We are that brand that would continue to inspire, empower and refresh Nigerians and we just want to commend Wisdom for his intelligence and dedication to his legitimate hustle. We are excited to collaborate with him to create a brighter future and be a true ‘Padi of Life.’’

Aquafina empowers viral hawker, Dr. H2O, rewards him with full business setup worth millions of naira
As a testament to this commitment, Aquafina went the extra mile to create a brighter future for Wisdom by setting up a flourishing business for him.

This move aligns perfectly with Aquafina’s mission to inspire, empower, and refresh Nigerians.

The company aims to collaborate closely with Dr. H20 to ensure his business thrives, thus turning his legitimate hustle into a thriving enterprise.

Overwhelmed with joy, Dr. H20 expressed his heartfelt gratitude to Aquafina.

“This is an unexpected turnaround from one day of hawking water. Thank you, Aquafina, for your support in making my dream a reality; taking me from a street hawker to a business owner overnight is truly a big one for me, and I will always be grateful,” Dr.H20 said.

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