Artiste, Deschusiel apologizes for her wrong rendition of the National Anthem

Nigerian actress, Descushiel has apologize for singing the national anthem incorrectly while acting as a police woman during a conference.

An actress and artiste, Descushiel, has revealed that she is the policewoman who sang the National anthem incorrectly, apologize for her mistakes.

Recall that Trendinghub reported that, a policewoman was criticized for her wrongful rendition of the Nigerian National Anthem.

The actress who has claimed responsibility for her mistake, revealed she was contracted by the Police to sing the anthem to showcase her craft and the friendly synergy between Police and citizens.

Furthermore, she apologized to the Nigerian police, dignitaries present at the event as well as the citizens of the country.

Descushiel claims she understands the importance of the National anthem and regrets that she was unable to deliver on her path.

The artiste promised to be more careful, while assuring such situation would not repeat itself in the future.

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