AY finally reveals the reason for his beef with BasketMouth (video)


  • Nigerian comedian, AY Makun has finally opened up about what caused the fight between him and BasketMouth.
  • He made this known during an interview with Chude Jideonwo.
  • According to him, Basket Mouth refused to pay him his 30k for a show. After hunger made him to ask BasketMouth lied and things went south.

Nigerian comedian, AY Makun, has finally opened up about the real reason for the longstanding beef with colleague, Basketmouth.

The entertainer was a guest on media personality, Chude Jideonwo’s show #WithChude and he had a lot to get off his mind.

A portion of the interview shared online captured the moment AY narrated his side of the story and what went wrong with Basketmouth.

“In 2006, (Basketmouth) usually will get gigs like weddings – multiple gigs on a Saturday, maybe 2/3 weddings. So what he used to do at that point in time was to attend one, then at a point, leave the venue and catch up in the other venue and then you will need someone else to stand in for you. That was the opportunity I got from him of which I am very appreciated.

AY proceeded to recount a particular experience where he filled in for the comedian and the client eventually loved his performance despite initial disappointment that Basketmouth didn’t show up. According to AY, at the time, he usually gets paid N30k for gigs like that and it was an amount that could cater for a lot of his basic needs.

AY narrated how he was forced to ask Basketmouth about his payment after two weeks.

He, however, claimed the comedian said the client hadn’t paid particularly because they were not impressed with his performance at the event.

“And then me I was like, ahahn… but this person na, shebi you tell me say you were impressed and happy? Give my oga hin money na, make my oga take settle me and all of that. Me, I don’t care if you give Basket 100k for the job but my 30k is my 30k,” AY shared.

According to AY, he contacted the client and it was revealed that they had paid Basketmouth ahead of the show.

AY said the back and forth led him to send messages he received from both parties to each other and things eventually went south from then onwards.

Watch him speak below:

Fans react:

officialchizzymedia said: “What you did is very wrong if I was Basket I would cut you off too…. But I feel it’s long gone y’all need to forgive each other and move on 2006 till now it’s 17 years already.

official_emilystyles said: “AY, my guy, I’ve been paid for this job, but my money is tied up somewhere I’ll pay as soon as I can please” but people prefer to lie. Me Emilia l, I’ll tell you the truth.”

onyeka_mordi said: “Only Rippers will support Basketmouth in a situation like this! As far as I’m concerned Ay didn’t do wrong here! We are just used to this slave and master relationship in this country! When people work, pay them! Stop romanticizing the wrong thing.”

oluwabukolabajayi said “Almost 2 decades of an issue that should have been resolved. Y’all are both grown rich men, set pride aside and hug it out.”

titipetral said: “I didn’t even knew they were in a beef. I follow both of them on IG and I didn’t even notice. Both of you should just grow up and move on. Holding beef for 17 years ke? So what have you both been learning in your Sunday school lessons? The second coming of our lord Jesus Christ no Dey fear una?”

jsbeautyhub said: “How do u ignore what prompted AY’s action. This is total greed. What AY did was what any human being will do and despite all he still apologized but Baba talk say him be Beast and him no Dey ever forgive or forget. Like wow! Heaven is far from us seriously.”

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