BasketMouth tenders apology to AY Makun after 17 years of beef

Nigerian stand up comedians, Basket Mouth tenders an apology to his colleague, AY Making after 17 years of fighting.

Prominent comedian, Basketmouth tenders heartfelt apology to his colleague AY Makun after 17 years of fighting with each other both online and offline.

Recall that earlier in 2023, AY Makun revisited the reason for their fight of after which he made countless efforts to reach his former friend.

However, in a recent post on his social media page, BasketMouth who wants to get things off his shoulders decided to apologize to his former friend and colleague.

He took out time to apologize to people he unknowingly offended before delving into his fight with AY Makun, he afterwards sought forgiveness from him, while stressing that his apology may have arrived late but he’d be grateful if it’s accepted.

“To my guy, Ay, I don’t know if my apology is still valid right now, but if it is, please forgive me for whatever I have done or said that affected you in the past. I just want you to forgive me,” he said.

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