Beautiful bearded speaks on her inability to find love

A 13 years of old lady with full beards shares her challenges in finding love due to societal perception of her unique appearance

Harnaam Kaur, a 31-year-old lady with a full beard, has shared her challenges in finding love due to societal perceptions of her unique appearance.

The young woman spoke on the difficulties she faced constantly when it comes to romantic relationships.

She went on to express the discomfort or outright rejection she receives from men because of her beard.

In a discussion, the woman disclosed that she often encounters comments from men suggesting that her bearded appearance makes her undesirable as a partner.

According to her, some have even gone as far as to assert that she won’t be able to have children because of her facial hair.

“No one is going to marry you, Harnaam, no one is going to date have a beard. You are not a preference to a lot of men.” She said in a part

Despite her efforts to connect with potential partners, the young woman also voiced her disappointment in finding that many men she meets tend to be more feminine, which does not align with her personal preferences for a romantic partner.

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