Brave woman gives birth in Ocean without medical assistance

A brave woman, Josy Cornelius shares her extraordinary experience of giving birth to her child in the ocean without medical assistance.

A brave woman, Josy Cornelius has shared her extraordinary experience of giving birth to her child in the ocean, without any medical assistance.

The mother of 5 revealed that she unexpectedly went into labor while at sea.

Speaking about her experience, the lady emphasized the importance for women to plan their pregnancy and childbirth with the same attention to detail as they would for their dream weddings.

“Women should plan their pregnancy and birth the same way they plan their dream wedding: no distance too far, no budget too tight, no idea too specific. This is the best prerequisite for the dream birth,” she said.

The mother of 5 went on to disclose that she meticulously planned her last birth, investing 70 weeks in preparation.

Reflecting on her journey, the woman shared;

I planned the last birth meticulously. The preparation took over 70 weeks. Our first ocean baby was just five days old when I imagined that our next baby would be born in the Caribbean sea.”

A video shared on Instagram shows the moment of the woman was cradling her newborn baby in the ocean after successfully giving birth.

Watch the video below:

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