Broda Shaggi discloses amount he makes from skit making per month


  • Nigerian skit maker, Broda Shaggi has disclosed an estimate amount of what her earn from skit making.
  • According to Shaggi he earn approximately $40,000 a month.
  • He made this known during an interview with media personality, Ehiz Okoeguale on his show Dada Boy.

Popular Nigerian skit maker, Broda Shaggi has disclosed an estimated figure of what he makes per month from skit making.

According to Shaggi he earns over $40,000 a month from his skits on YouTube.

Broda Shaggi disclosed this during an inteview with popular media personality Ehiz Okoeguale aka Dada Boy Ehiz on his show ‘Dada boy’

He said, “I try my best. It’s numbers for you to make money. As a skit maker, it’s numbers and you have to be consistent. Consistency is very very very key.

“You have to be consistent always because then, you’ll have more content. And more content means more money. That’s if you’re on YouTube and you grow your platform well.

“And asides from YouTube, there are brands that want to penetrate into your brand as well to work with you. And all they look for is numbers. You know, like how many views, who’s watching, what’s the comment like, what’s the reach; you know. That’s where the money comes in.”

Probing further, Ehiz asked: “In six months, how much do you make off YouTube in dollar rate? Let’s say in a month, $40,000, higher or lower? $80,000, higher or lower?

Responding, Shaggi noted, “I make more than $40,000 but lower than $80,000 monthly.”

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