Brokenhearted man rubs tomatoes on face as handsome guy snatches his girlfriend

A heartbroken man shares his new skin carr routine after a handsome man snatched his girlfriend from him a second time.

A heartbroken young shares his new skin care routine after a handsome guy snatches his girlfriend for the second time.

The man shared a video of his new routine while bemoaning the loss of his woman to another man.

He was seen rubbing tomatoes on his face as he expressed via the caption that his girlfriend has been once again snatched from him.

The caption read …

“They don use fine face collect my babe again.”

Check out reactions but:

bergerballer488 reacted; “Why he no use rodo 😂 wey b say nah tomatoe he use”

fraser_tayo stated; “I poto poto my eyes 😂”

iamsingapore99 remarked; “Why you no open your eye 😂”

liyah_thee_king penned; “That’s tomatoes its good for the face My own be say make him open him eyes for 10 mins 😂”

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