Businessman leaks application letter received from female graduate seeking employment at his company

A Nigerian entrepreneur, Dchessking takes to social media to expose a female graduate over her poorly written job application letter.

A Nigerian entrepreneur, Dchessking has taken to social media to expose a female graduate over her poorly-written job application letter.

The incident has provoked a debate on the quality of education in the country under his comment section.

The man revealed during an interview process for the position for sales in his company, he had requested the applicant to submit a letter, including the salary range she believed she deserved.

However, upon reviewing the letter, he could not help but expressed his disappointment.

The man wrote;

“I asked a Nigerian graduate who applied to work in sales at my company to write a letter to me as part of the interview process, stating the salary range she believes she deserves.

After reviewing this letter, it’s evident that the biggest fraud lies within our education system. Shameful!.”

Netizens Reactions…
@jerrynuelfx said; “It is seriously appalling when we see these certificates and call them up for interviews with high hopes that we are about to snatch a rare gem to be part of our team, only for them to go through the basic interview process and leave us all in shock; like, did you school at all?”

@ESSIEN4f said; “People obviously don’t understand tips of letter writing and the body of a letter $ how to end it , but I guess you should help him/her get the job help them grow.”

@fxpanther01 said; “I’m crying on her behalf.”

@Hugessuccess sai;: “This is very sad tho. But people should be willing to self develop.”

@obinnaobiekwe18 said; “Due to the seeming culture shift in talking more as opposed to writing more these days, it appears a lot of upcoming Nigerians are losing it in writing.

“Lots of people now want to talk more and not write at all. We see it in WhatsApp groups all the time. “It is well sha.”

@PromiseKreusch said; “She is doing it for the money not because she qualifies.

“Kindly get her a different role if possible so she can support her family. It’s sad but in anyway you can help her, please try.”

@oluoftrades said; “This is facts. “I remember taking an interview for a sales business I had a few years ago. People with BSCs and MSCs applied and their cover letter was mostly either copied or appalling to read.

“I won’t totally blame the educational system, I’ll also blame the lackadaisical attitude of some people to learning.

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