Buzz on social media over 2011 flight ticket showing Lagos to London was N96K

A social media user has stirred reaction on X after he shared a 2011 flight ticket for a trip from Lagos to London for N96,000.

A social media user on X sparks reaction as he shares a 2011 flight ticket used for a trip from Lagos to London for N96,000.

The X (Twitter) user identified by his handle, @SabreNoir shared a snapshot of the flight ticket which was used over a decade ago on his account.

It was seen from the photo shared that there is a major gap in the price of plane tickets then and now.

Sharing the image, @SabreNoir captioned …

“N96k to travel from Lagos to London. Round trip”

Reactions have trailed the post …

@Pappy_rush said: “I have a copy of a letter my late dad wrote to his friend when he was going for his MSc in 1983 the exchange rate was $1.96 – 1 Naira.”

@IamTheIroko said: “It was N150,000 return Arik Air to South Africa this same period under review. “When I say thunder fire all APC supporters you think I am joking. Evil shall rest at their doorstep.”

@zigzagdreamers_ said: “This was Jonathan govt that APC fought against with propaganda and Nigerians thought they were fighting for their good. Look at us now.”

@bruzieee said: “If you have 100k before now, you will go to US and come back. Sad how hard naira has fallen, I just hope it doesn’t fall deeper.”

@UrbanSports7 said: “96k was $621 black market rate in 2011. The same 96k is 2024 807k.”

@Myka_veli said: “This was under PDP economy but APC fanboys swore that PDP destroyed the economy.”

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