“Carter Efe is not ripping me” – Young Duu denies being scammed, shares full story

Nigerian singer and former signee of Portable, Young Duu has react to claims online that Carter Efe is trying to rip him off after his song titled “Oyinmo” was released without due credit given to him.

Nigerian singer Young Duu takes to his Instagram live to reveal that he is neither being scammed nor ripped off by Carter Efe regarding credit not being duly given to him for his recently released song titled “Oyinmo.”

After his song was released on without being named the as the artist of the song nor a featured artist Nigerians accused Carter Efe of trying to scam the artist.

However, shortly after, Young Duu made a statement to dismiss claims of being scammed or ripped off.

According to Young Duu, he had an agreement with Carter Efe and a group of people to produce the song without featuring his name in it, for personal reasons.

In his statement, he said, “I was there, and I didn’t want my name there. My voice is my money, do you understand? Nobody is ripping me off.”

“My voice is my money, and I said it should be that way. That’s how it’s going to be. I want to see money; I came to Lagos to make money.”

Watch the video below:

See some reactions below:

@Jbrandy_YBNL: “Dem don Dey sweet talk my guy. He go soon get sense.”

@DRDammy4: “Haaaa, he did not know how the music business works, your name and voice na e bi your money oooo.”

@_Harbaylicon: “Ohhh he has come out to shed light to what we seem not to understand, interesting.”

@mr_tobby01: “I hope he sha no go come back, and say another thing, coz Carterefe rate na 90/10% oo.”

@Snoopy_Bender: “This is a fat lie, very soon we’ll get to last bus stop. We still Dey road.”

@IamBlaccode: “Omohhh I think this boy wise before… But i Don see say poverty do finish am pátápátá. He didn’t know the music business and how royalty works. Everything. He has sold his craft for cheap money. I guess Carter Don bamboozle the idiat with small money. Damn.”

@Snoopy_Bender: “Shey we no deaf or blind? Na here all of us go still know the real truth. How on earth will you sing a song and ask not to put your name on it? Arbi you be ghost singer?”

@WHALESZZO1: “Carter Efe no fit rip this guy, it’s just funny the way we all think. Someone also helped Cater Efe up to this level now so why would he do that?”

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