Celebrities reacts to Monalisa Stephen’s bombshell revelation about her sexual life


  • Nollywood celebrities, Anita Joseph, Deborah Nosa and others have reacted to Monalisa Stephen revelation about her sex life.
  • In a popular podcast Monalisa while speaking with Nedu revealed that her boyfriend usually have oral sex with her while she is on her period.
  • She noted that she was not comfortable with it at first but she later noticed that it was his way of showing his love for her.

Nollywood actresses Anita Joseph and Deborah Nosa Okunzuwa better known as Nma Kocha, and others have reacted to Monalisa Stephen bombshell revelation about her sexual life.

In a popular podcast called honest bunch, Monalisa, while in the company of media personality Nedu and others revealed that her boyfriend goes down on her while she is on her period.

She noted that, at first, she was not okay with it; however, as he continued overtime, she realised that her boyfriend was showing his love and was ready to love everything that came out of her body.

“My boyfriend use to go down on me when I am on my period. The first time, I did not know what he was trying to prove then he did it again and again” she said.

The video where she made this revelation had been making rounds on social media, and people are not very pleased with it.

Reacting to it, Anita Joseph noted how the blood is unhealthy for someone to lick.

“Mona Mba nu ahhhhh ahhh obala nso ahhh that blood is no healthy na. Google say wetin rapu google oh okwchamalu. Shallom

Actress Deborah Nosa wrote, “Even if she is lying, how can a woman think of this!!!talk more of saying it!!! Period blood???? Abeg Monalisa you banished, go and stay in the evil forest with your boyfriend… avoid me

Big Brother Naija reality star, Tokunbo Idowu better known as TBoss wrote, “The way she’s trying to convince us that that’s not some ritualistic vampirism. Rubbish is seriously giving me a migraine. Tell us who that boyfriend is so we never go close to him. I don’t even want you to speak near me with that mouth. Eeewwww

MC Makopolo wrote, “People are dating vampires thinking they are people cos what’s all these one abeg even Dracula self no hungry for blood reach like that! My body is itching! Weldon you Bloody Samaritan

One Caz Chidiebere wrote, “May God deliver that guy where ever he is now, he is going thru a lot spiritually….it’s a pity…

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