“CEO in Naija is now cleaning nyash in UK” – Nigerian woman breaks down in tears


  • A lady has broken down in tears over challenges faced after relocating abroad.
  • According to the lady she was in CEO while in Nigeria but upon relocation she took a job where she clean faeces for a living.

A Nigerian lady has lamented over the struggles and challenges she has been facing after relocating abroad.

According to her, she used to be a CEO while in Nigeria. However, after relocating abroad, she was forced to take the job of cleaning people’s faeces for a living.

She wrote:
“CEO in Naija is now cleaning nyash uk ????????.”

Reacting to her video, @esentiaxperience commented: “But she will be making 2000-3000 pounds even more depending on how many hours she works and the area. which is 1.1 to 1.6 million naira per month. How many professionals, bankers, doctors so called “Ceo” in niaga can boast of that kind of monthly take home?”

@demex09 said: “Is she nor earning and living peacefully in the UK? Make she go back Nigeria go dey do yeye CEO naw. Ahbegi if na to lean yansh to get better life for you and your generation go clean am. the care work is like normal Doctor or lawyer work in Nigeria and they eam more that some so Called professionals in the UK. parent do it with joy , ita career and their is dignity in it. why do Nigerians always paint it like is a bad job. nawa oh.”

@benitaawoh wrote: “Nothing wrong in “cleaning Nyash”. There is dignity in Labour. Take pride in what your hands have found to do. Retrain, acquire new skills and pursue your dream (whatever it is)”.

@daintythingslingerie stated: “When I detailed on my IG story that if you are willing to japa, UK should be like the last country on your list, people said I was discouraging others…gwanu, see na @ Salary is poor in the Uk but their bills are deadly.”

@seleye_fubara said: “Entrepreneur in Nigeria you mean?”

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