Child actress Treasure dragged for kneeling to greet 14-year-old colleague, Mercy Kenneth

Child actress, Uchechi Treasure populaly known as Ada Kirikiri has been bashed online over what transpired between her and her colleague, Mercy Kenneth.

Popular child actress, Uchechi Treasure, nicknamed Ada Kirikiri had bashed online and very her interesting meeting with colleague young actress Mercy Kenneth.

Ada Kirikiri in the video was seen wearing her school uniform while from a movie set after she returned from school.

She was spotted holding a bouquet of flowers while she went closer to greet and welcome Mercy Kenneth, her colleague actress.

Mercy Kenneth was sitting on the couch with the other crew members before she was aproached by Ada.

Ada proceeded to bow down in front of her and gave her a warm embrace. In the endearing video, Mercy, moved by Ada’s gesture, helped her up and gracefully received the flowers.

However, she was heavily criticized by her followers for kneeling before her agemate to present her flowers.

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