Club owner and brother beat bartender to death for allegedly stealing DJ turntable mixer


  • The club owner of Club 183 and his brother has been accused of beating a bartender to death for allegedly stealing a DJ turntable mixer.
  • The club owner identified as Don-V accused one of his bartender of stealing after which he involved some military men to flog him.
  • Destiny was flogged till he collapsed and entered into a coma that led to his death.

The owner of Club 183, alongside his brother, has been accused of beating a bartender to death over allegations of stealing a DJ mixer.

Don-V who runs the club along the Okota area of Lagos State reportedly accused his bartender, Destiny of stealing a piece of equipment after which he involved military men.

In a video making rounds on social media, Destiny was seen tied and flogged intensely by military officers while pleading for his life.

An eyewitness claimed that at some point, the accused Destiny collapsed and fell into a coma before taking his last breath.

Don-V is said to be bragging about the death of his bartender while allegedly emphasizing that he is above the law because of his wealth and connection.

The state’s Police command, however, is yet to confirm the incident or launch an investigation into the death of the young bartender.

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