Co-worker fumes as his colleague resigns, relocates with husband to another state in Nigeria

A co-worker expressed her frustration as a woman resigns from her job to accompany her husband who is relocating to another state.

A woman fumes on social media as her coworker resigns from her job to accompany her husband, who is relocating to another state in Nigeria.

A social media user identified by her social media as @Yellzdan took to X to lament about the couple’s decision.

The colleague noted that the remarkable lady had to tender her resignation from their company due to her husband’s relocation to Port Harcourt for a job.

She had to forsake her career as her husband is accepting a job offer to start their family afresh in Port Harcourt.

In the man’s words;

“I really hate marriage and what it does to women, especially. My colleague, an exceptional lady, has to resign from our firm today because her husband is relocating to Port Harcourt. And so, she has to abandon her career because of him who’s moving to PH on a job offer!”

The post has since generated a wave of reactions from social media users who termed it as the right thing to do while others sided with the co-worker.

Reactions below:
DapVanDam said: “Sorry… Women advocate…. You hate what God ordained…. Simply say you hate what it has become and what the world has turned it to.. don’t shit on the first institution that God created …. Hate… Such a wrong word.”

0x_LoTek opined: “Because your Firm is the best place to work in the whole wide world or there aren’t other firms in PH. You really should mind your business and allow their marriage…. Whatever works for them.”

blaq_kvnq wrote: “Gist like this makes my skin crawl😭😭😭😭😭😭.”

Ifystilldey said: “You don’t want her to abandon her career for her husband isn’t it? We’re saying the same thing why not advice her to stay and keep her career? I’m sure that’s what’s best for her and you know better.”

Vern37881300 penned: “This is not necessarily a bad thing. There are husbands who also move for their wives. It’s not exclusive to women.”

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