Company allegedly fires a lady earning N390k salary for building an extravagant house

A South African woman speaks on her heartbreaking experience after she was fired from her job in June 2023 because she built a house that was allegedly too extravagant for her salary.

A South African lady from Limpopo has shared her devastating experience of being fired from her job in June 2023 because the house she built was allegedly too extravagant for her salary.

In a TikTok video posted on her social media @mrssmia2, she recounted the events surrounding her termination.

According to the lady, her employer dismissed her on the grounds that the house she had built for herself and her family exceeded the expectations of someone earning a monthly salary of R4,900 (equivalent to N390,955.12).

The young woman expressed her dismay and frustration at the situation.

“The following morning after being fired, I started focusing on my business. The trauma of going through private investigators, lie detector tests, having my accounts being checked, I told myself that I will live for the content of my house. People still can’t believe 4.9 can build a house if you substitute it with small extra incomes. One day, I will gather strength to go live or post a story,” the lady wrote.

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Lola said; “Sending you love .”

Matsobane replied; “How do you people from your work place get to know your lifestyle outside work… Ai lena mara.

Sanele Tshabangu asked; “Is it legal? .”

Thandiwe Othandwayo said; “Askies. My cousin was fired back in the day because she used to eat KFC every day for lunch. And according to them, she didn’t “need” the job.”

Smarties wrote; “It happened to me in 2011.”

Masello commented; “ She no longer gives me overtime because “How can I afford to give my mom 13k ” ka December how much was I saving each month!!!!”

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