Conjoined twins, Abby Hensel gets married to her hearthrob in a private ceremony

One half of a conjoined twins who became famous on TLC’s “Abby & Brittany” Abby He sel gets married to her hearthrob, Josh Bowling in a private ceremony.

One-half of a conjoined twins who became well-known on TLC’s “Abby & Brittany,” Abby Hensel, gets married to fiance, Josh Bowling in a private affair.

According to reports online, the father of one who had served in the US Army and his fiancee, Abby got married in a private ceremony.

The 34-year-old, dicephalic (conjoined at the torso and sharing some organs) Hensel twins work as fifth-grade teachers in Minnesota.

Because of the high-risk nature of the surgery, their parents, Patty, and Mike Hensel, decided not to separate them from birth.

The wedding ceremony’s specifics are yet unknown, but a picture that has been making the rounds on social media shows Josh standing next to Brittany and Abby in a suit and both wearing bridal gowns.

Additionally, a video of Abby Hensel dancing as a couple went viral online.

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