Couple swaps outfits for wedding ceremony (photos)

A trending photo on social media shows how a couple swapped roles and outfit for their wedding.

A trending photo on social media shows the unconventional way a couple celebrated their wedding by swapping their outfit during their wedding.

This has since sparked conversation on social media as a lot of people are not use to seeing an outfit swap on social media.

The post was captioned: “This couple swapped roles for their wedding as a sign of commitment to each other 🤔 Thoughts?”

In the post the man wore the wedding dress while the bride wore the suit of her husband.

Traditionally, the man is expected to go down on one knee to propose to his lover with the ring, but in this case, the bride went on her knees instead while wearing her partner’s suit, as she proposed to him.

See some reactions below:

Eric Mariani: “This is sickening, and certainly doesn’t line up with the Bible.”

“ONeil Gritton: “This looks 100% like his idea. He coming out the closet 2 years into this marriage.”

“Dale Roberson: “I don’t get it, and I tried to have an open mind….and it slammed shut! Ridiculous!”

“George Mitchell: “Any time some thing is wrong you have to right to be correct whole men do not want to wear dresses.”

“Cornelia Thomas: “Different stroke for different folks. As long as they are happy, no one has the right to judge anyone.”

“David Taylor: “She’ll, always wear the pants. And we don’t want to hear. My wife don’t respect me. You started this slowness.”


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