Cute Gemini accused of jailing TikToker, brags about framing Lil Frosh

Ex girlfriend of Lil Frosh, Cute Gemini has been accused of hailing a fellow Tiktoker, Nickie Da Bardie over who is the hottest baddie, Bragg’s about ruining Lil Frosh career.

The ex-girlfriend of a Nigerian singer, Cute Gemini is accused of jailing a fellow TikToker, Nickie Da Bardie over who is the hottest baddie, while bragging about ruining the career of Lil Frosh.

According to reports online, Cute Gemini for several months had a series of online clashes with Nickie on TikTok.

Their online beef at some point moved to a physical confrontation between the two to the extent that the police was involved.

According to reports by Verydarkman, Cute Gemini, allegedly with the help of her father lured Nickie Da Bardie to the police station for settlement only to have her locked up and arraigned.

He also revealed that Nickie is currently in Kirikiri maximum prison after failing to meet bail conditions.

VeryDarkMan also shared an implicating video where she bragged about sending Nicki to jail without evidence.

She also bragged about ruining the career of her ex-boyfriend, Lil Frosh whom she accused of domestic violence despite the singer’s plea of innocence.

“Without any evidence, I can sue you, by the time I sue you, you’ll be the one begging. You can go and ask your favourite (Lil Frosh) what I did to him. I will show you who is stupid; if you guy stoop so low and I can do the same,” she said in part.

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