“Don’t Tell him you cheated” Seun Jimoh caution ladies


  • Nollywood actor, Seun Jimoh has warned women not to tell their spouse about any extra marital affairs hey had.
  • According to him men find it difficult to wrap their head around a woman cheating and it is a hard pill to swallow ones they find out.
  • Forging on the actor stated that most men do not forgive cheating and might punish the lady for the rest of her life.

Nollywood actor, Seun Sean Jimoh has cautioned women on the need to keep their extra marital affairs or cheating away from their partner.

Giving reason, the Yoruba actor stated that it is a hard pill for men to swallow when they find out that their women had an affair.

According to him, men don’t forgive easily and as such, women should keep the mistake to themselves.

And if they ever confess, their men will hold it over and punish them with it for the rest of their life.

“Dear female, I know this may be a hard pill for men to swallow, if you ever chest on your man by mistake, don’t ever confess! Keep it between you and God”. Ken don’t forgive cheating and if they do, they will hold it over and punish you with it for the rest of your life”.

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