Doyin replied admirer who asked how she plans to be a good mother with clubbing lifestyle

A man has posed a question to reality TV star, Doyin David in how she plan to be a good mother to her children with all her clubbing lifestyle.

A man throws a question at notable reality star, Doyin David on how she plans to be a good mother to their children with her clubbing lifestyle.

The young man caught who caught the attention of Doyin after expressing his feelings also stated his worries about starting a relationship with her.

The BBNaija star took to her Instagram page to share an image of the message she received while responding to a prospective lover who quizzed about their future.

The man who had noticed the partying and clubbing life of Doyin took a moment to ask about her plans for good motherhood.

In a DM, he asked, “If I marry you, will you make out time for our kids with the way you ball and party and enjoy? I say Make I ask, I trip for you but make we do these rehearsal baby on what I asked.”

She the sarcastically replied to the admirer, stating that she wouldn’t prioritize spending time with the kids; instead, she joked about taking them to a bar and offering them drinks.

Doyin, however, responded, “No baby…I won’t make time for our kids. I’ll take them to the club with me and give them alcohol while having strippers twerk on them.”

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