Drama as Baker fails to deliver wedding cake on D-Day after being paid N450K

Drama ensued in a wedding as a baker fails to deliver the wedding cake on the day of the ceremony, despite being paid four hundred thousand naira.

Drama occured in a wedding after the baker who was meant to deliver the wedding cake for a client worth N450k failed to do so, claims he was sick.

The incident was recounted by a lady, @IyawoThickaBody who claimed that the bride was her cousin.

According to the angry lady, her cousin paid the cake vendor the sum of N450K for the cake which he was meant to deliver on the wedding day.

However, he failed to be there, causing a huge embarrassment to the couple who had to do the ceremony without any cake.

It was gathered that the caterer explained that he was sick and couldn’t complete the cake before the wedding ceremony.

@Iyawothickabody wrote …

“My cousin’s wedding was yesterday in Lagos and she paid a cake vendor 450 whopping thousand fora cäké’ this person didn’t deliver any cake Said he was sick so he couldnt complete her cake!! I’m waiting for her to send me his business name if he refuses to do a refund!! And even after refund I will put his name out here…. No wedding cake at a whole Wedding!! The embarrassment!! *pesed”

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