Drama as groom refuses food from bride for not kneeling while offering him food

Drama at a wedding as a groom rejected food from his bride at their wedding ceremony because she did not kneel down to feed him.

A video trending on social media shows moment a groom rejecter food from his bride at their wedding ceremony because she did not kneel down to feed him.

The incident which was captured in a video, was shared on TikTok by @mckpolokpolo1.

In the video, the bride, unaware of the cultural nuances, attempted to feed her Urhobo husband without adhering to a specific custom (which is kneeling down to feed him).

The Master of Ceremonies (MC) intervened, informing the bride that she was wrong to feed her husband without first going down on her knees.

Na Urhobo man u wan feed u sit down. You never ready,” @mckpolokpolo1 wrote.

The bride who was surprised on hearing this immediately remedied the situation. She promptly went down on her knees, repeating the process of offering food to her husband.

This time, the groom accepted the gesture, sealing the moment with a kiss after consuming the meal.

The video has since gone viral, eliciting various reactions from netizens on social media.

Netizens Reactions:

The.Evi.Marino said; “You saw the red flags baby you ignored them.”

Evamarcel-wealth said; “Me I go kneel down for my baby put jara whether Na Igbo or Na Urhobo him be I no send anybody papa message.”

Berry said; “Na small thing dey keep marriage. Na small thing still dey scatter am.”

Ben star said; “Thank God say I come from Urhobo land oooo if my woman nor kneel down i nor go chop thay food.”

Joylee said; “Na now I know why I never marry because I no go gree do again I go chop the cake.”

ElectroDeals Marketplace said; “This one don go marry problem.”

STAR said; “When we reach house he go come explain the meaning of Wetin he do for wedding.”

Maria Goretti said; “I go kneel down finish but u go hear am for night.”

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