Drama as lady sees her man with another woman, damages his car at a restaurant

There was drama in a popular restaurant in Owerri after a lady caught heran with another woman and damaged his car out of anger.

Drama broke out at a popular restaurant in Owerri after a lady walked in on her man with another woman, causing her to damage his expensive car.

A video trending on social media shows the moment a lady was confronting her man while yelling at the top of her voice .

In the video, she could be seen throwing food allover the the man’s body while being supported by a friend whom she came along with.

The lady proceeded to damaging the man’s car by sketching patterns on the vehicle’s body using a key despite efforts to stop her from the act.

The man, however, maintained his calm even though he could not escaped from the lady as a result of a car parked behind his.

Reactions below:

ilori_olaolu said: “It’s not about the man, it’s about the money….. this is how some people react when they loose their source of income.”

gbenro_akins noted: “Tunde Dey really think too high of himself, if you treat a lady bad expect reaction similar to this..nevertheless I don’t condone this act of violence but Dont trigger women and expect them to act sane.”

itzqueenpriscilla said: “We all react to heartbreak differently, if I was in this situation I will just go inside make sure he sees me and I’d walk out, i already know men are hunters, once they get their prey they go out to hunt for more, it’s in their blood, once a lady has this orientation nothing will surprise her.”

iamprettygloria opined: “Run from any woman who can destroy your property when she is angry, this particular act is not worth it at all… I understand the hurt but walking away would have helped.”

Watch the video below:

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