Drama as man refuse to pay N70K for food on first date

A lady on TikTok calls out a man for refusing to pay for their N70k food on a first date.

A lady has called out a man who refused to pay for N70K food on a first date the man in turn accused the lady of collecting N15K for transport fare twice without coming to his house.

A lady on X, @wandyy_cheek cried out after experiencing what she called a horrible first date.

According to Wandyy, she went on a date with her admirer only for him to fake network issues when it was time to make payment for their meal.

In a leaked chat, she accused him of having a network to book himself an Uber ride after the trip but the same network could not pay for their N70K food.

Responding to the lady, the young man in justifying his action accused the lady of defrauding him twice of N15K each time for transport fare without showing up at his house.

She, on the other hand argued that she did not feel comfortable to visit his house since they were just getting to know each other.

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