Drama as student corrects his lecturer in his class

A video trending on social media shows the moment a student made the bold move of correcting his lecturer during class.

A viral video of a student boldly correcting his lecturer during a class session has sparked mixed reactions from his colleagues and individuals on social media.

The incident happened in an undisclosed school was videoed and shared on social media by Omotosho Jeremiah, one of the student who witnessed the scene.

In the video, the student can be seen moving his hands at the board, seemingly trying to explain his point to his lecturer.

In another scene, he was seen solving with a marker while the lecturer watched quietly.

Watch the video below:

Netizens Reactions…
period_2022 said; “I am also planning for my lecturer that did me shege last semester, the man will collect.”

babadiokpa said; “Bro I did this year back and say for that same course twice, the third time I was lucky the lecturer had issue and the course was given out , made AB.”

lorinton said; “Teacher : What did we learn yesterday . “Everybody: “That one student:”

Mr_gold51 said; “Even he no carry that course he gonna carry another may 3 unit course I swear.”

olamiotan94 said; “The funniest part be say e no go carry the man course ooo…Nah another lecturer go dey deal with him low key.”

Leoakah said; “Mechanical engineering course, machine design, design of pulley and belts.” BIG HEN said: “Carry over dey one side dey smile.”

virtualtony said; “I once made this mistake too.. you go learn brother mi.”

Native_Son said; “All these ones wey dey back dey shout we no go gree, na olodo them be.”

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