Drama as wedding cake falls and scatter on the floor (video)

Drama ensued in a wedding ceremony after the cake the couple was trying to cut tumbled and fell from the table.

The wedding ceremony of a couple was nearly ruined after their cake fell from the table while they were trying to cut it.

Thus have stirred reaction at the wedding with many opining that one have to pray before their engagement.

Apparently, the wedding cake was kept at the edge of a table with one leg which gave way over the unbalanced weight.

The couple and others party goers tried in vain to prevent their precious cake from falling to the ground.

Watch the video by clicking the link below:


Reactions trailed the post …

@Abena Favour said: “The person who did this setup no go see heaven.”

@user Acheamful Grace said: “Revenge to my ex-boyfriend.”

@user9334028118717 commented: “Everything prayers. Do your things right and let God rest.”

@user4827797953751 said: “This not matter of prayers the table isn’t good.”

@Sarah Addo636 said: “Let’s give thanks to God because things happen for a reason.”

@El Bernarrdo said: “This is common sense. The load was placed at the tip of the structure.”

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