Drama as wife and mistress fight dirty at man’s funeral

A married woman and her husband’s side church engage in a bloody fight at the funeral of the man over the teddy bear dressing in the man’s casket.

A married woman and her husband’s side chic engage in a dirty fight at the funeral ceremony of the deceased man over the teddy bear dressing in the deceased casket.

In a video trending on social media shows the moment the late man’s side chic arrived at the funeral with a black nylon.

The side chic was apparently displeased by the teddy bears used as decoration for her man’s casket, and she could be seen picking them out and putting them in a bag.

The deceased’s wife, however, dashed to the scene; and the two began fighting and yelling at each other.

The video has since sparked a buzz, confusing netizens about the side chic’s attendance at the burial event.

Watch the video below:

Reactions below:
iyanshawty said: “How will he rest in peace when when he was alive he didn’t allow the wife rest.”

lily_ahnne penned: “Shey the wife snatch the man from the side chicken ni? Ko ye mi o, audacity. Ha”

can_dy17 said: “Even in death ? Una sure say this man go rest in peace well well like this ? Double wahala for dead body 😂😂.”

temitomaku noted: “That side chick must have drank 10 gallons of audacity before going there cuz wtf 😂.”

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