“Fake deaconess with 3 husbands at 41” – Isreal DMW continue to his mother-in-law

Israel DMW continues to slam has wife family, heaps insults on his mother in-law amidst his marriage crash.

Davido’s logistic manager, Isreal DMW continues to help insults on his wife family online, targets his mother-in-law in particular amidst his marriage crash.

Recall that it all started after Israel DMW did an exposé on his marriage and was led to the breakdown in his marriage.

Isreal DMW also called out his mother-in-law of extorting the sum of N400K from him, calls her a wicked woman.

In a new post on Instagram post, Israel continues to ridicule Sheila’s mother, calls her names online.

Sharing her picture, Isreal spoke on how she has been in and out of different marriages while accusing her of being greedy.

“Sheila’s mother. Original Calabar winch. Very greedy woman. 3 husbands at 41. Fake church deaconess,” he wrote.

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