Fans slam Sarah Martins for giving unnecessary life advice


  • Fans is Nigerian actress, Sarah Martins have slammed her for giving unsolicited life advice to her fans.
  • This is coming after the actress took to her social media account to share her thoughts on friendship and relationship which was percieved as harsh.

Nigerian Actress Sarah Martins has come under fire for giving ‘unsolicited life advice’ to her fans in an Instagram post.

Sarah earlier shared her thoughts on friendships and relationships, which may have been perceived as harsh words. The actress advised people to disconnect from people that do not add value to their lives.

She wrote: Everyone in your circle can’t go with you to the next place. Sometimes, their exit makes the load lighter so you can get there faster. Learn to disconnect from people that doesn’t add to your life.

However, some fans who have been dragging her since the Yul and wife incident did not waste time to drag her again.

A fan reacted: Beautiful and sweet lady@officialsarahmartins. U are a true definition of what good friendship can be or look like, but pls stop condemning others first because u are rooting for ur friends. U can side ur friend in peace without talking ill of anyone coz queen may now has friends and how would feel if her friends start bashing at Judith is unfair naw. Just be fine and keep the hustle tight

Another fan wrote: I traveled I’m back now with my full chest, officialsarahmartins have you paid dat 500M or you still here giving motivational quotes.

One user wrote: From people that do not add to your life….. I just Pity you!!!

Another fan: has the time giving not elapsed?

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