“Fear male doctors” – reaction as Nigerian lady reveals how her sister lost her virginity in surgery room

A Nigerian lady sparks debate online after revealing that her sister who went into surgery as a virgin mysteriously lost her virginity during the procedure.

A Nigerian lady sparked debate on social media after revealing that her sister, who went into the surgery room as a virgin, mysteriously lost her virginity during the procedure.

In the post on social media, the lady revealed how her virgin sister had a health emergency and was rushed to the hospital for surgery.

However, her sister who got into the surgery as a virgin did not come out of the operation as a virgin.

Her statement reads: “I fear male doctors. My sister went into surgery as a virgin, but after the operation, she lost her virginity. We haven’t seen the doctor till today.”

Her statement immediately gained traction on social media as many individuals flooded the comment section with their thoughts on the issue.

Here are some reactions:

Funmi fay: “My sister was on the sick bed,she doesn’t even know what’s going wrong with her and we were all teary and scared,that’s how one doctor will tell us to go out they want to check up on her and tell her.”

slimjasmil: “I wore a palazzo to the hospital with a big t shirt, this doctor told me to lift it up so he can check on my stomach, I had serious cramps and went to.”

Oli🥰🥰via: “That’s how I went to the hospital to check my thyroid the doctor took my number the and said he wants to remind me to come to the hospital for my next.”

mirabel: “I went to one hospital like Omo the doctor wan sleep with me in the room.”

khaddysfragrance: “dat’s y it advisable one of d family b der..a video was treading one time a woman in d theater room for d child to b carried out some1 dat is already weak frm labouroom stress,doc ws Putin his di*k in.”

Joseph G: “na y my wife dey force me to follow her to antenatal b dis oo..she said one day d doctor was using his hand to romance her lap, so she shouted at him, he said sorry to her.”

F.O.J Beauty Domain: “When a doctor was examining me,touching my nipples,and asking if it’s paining me,I quickly shouted ,I don’t want story that touches Abeg.”

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