Female corps member caught hiding under a bed at NYSC camp to escape parade

A video of female corps member hiding under a bed in order to avoid parade at NYSC camp has gone viral online.

A video of a female corps member hiding under a bed to avoid attending the parade ground at NYSC camp is making rounds in social media.

The video, which was shared by a fellow corps member identified as @yetty_b1, shows the moment her friend found her hiding under a well-covered bunk bed.

The corps member, whose identity remains undisclosed, hid herself underneath the bed using a wrapper and a placed a travelling to hide herself.

The idea was to make it look like there was nothing under the bunk bed, just a bag.

In the video, the friend playfully opened the wrapper to expose the hidden corps member, who looked scared and frantic.


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Netizens Reactions…
@dee said; “I did this so many times in camp till one soldier nearly use boot Match my mouth under bed.”

@Nellyorganics said; “ThankGod for this scope.”

@JuUju said; “We move next tomorrow.”

@Aribake3030 commented; “No cast dis update reacted:

@dupcy20 commented; “Why you cast the update now.”

@Nathy 201 said; “My last week on camp steady hiding.”

@Am OMAHU reacted; “I did this omo I can come and kee myself, is this Nseleukwu camp?”

@Kikinaturals.ng reacted; “No cast am.” This was me during my camp thank God sey I no kuku fat.”

@Herry reacted; “Una never see anything thank God this phase of my life is gone.”

@blak said; “I swear parade dey taya persin.”

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