Femi Adebayo: Biography, Life, Family, More

The name Femi Adebayo has transformed into a household name that rings a bell in a clear accent and loud manner proclaiming to the world that you can be both multi-talented and fulfilled.

You cannot have enough doses each time you peruse through his life story because it exudes inestimable motivation and inspiration to everyone who cares to listen effortlessly.

It’s said that for every great thing or person, there’s a genesis, and this assertion is accurate. The planet was blessed with baby Femi on December 31st, 1972.

He hails from Ilorin in Kwara State where he also had his University education. His father, Adebayo Salami, popularly known as Oga Bello is a veteran in the Nigerian Big Screens, little wonder Femi’s passion for the entertainment industry for it is wisely said, “a snake cannot give birth to what is not long.”

Being a multi-talented prodigy, Femi is renowned for putting his eggs in diverse baskets. He’s a film director, actor, lawyer, producer, and special adviser to the Governor of Kwara State on Arts, Culture, and Tourism.

Femi Adebayo’s Family Life

   The inseparable importance of family and relationships in the life and success of an individual cannot be exaggerated and this fact is true even for Femi Adebayo. Growing up in a polygamous family, he was gifted with twelve siblings from his mum,  Mrs Risikat Ejide Salami.

Amongst many things that spread his fame like wide fire in the Sahara Desert is the fact that he had a failed marriage with his first wife, Mrs. Khadijat Adebayo who was a mother to his three children. They both met back then at the University of Ilorin,  Kwara State where she was pursuing her degree in Computer Science while Femi was focused on his legal career battle. Fate brought them together and the two translated from lovebirds to the married couple after the nuptial ceremony took place in 2004.

The marriage was going all smooth and rosy until things suddenly fell apart eight years later. After seasons of repairs to the crumbling relationship, the last straw that broke Carmel’s back took place in 2012 when Mrs. Khadijat took a French leave and filed a divorce.

Regardless, the union was blessed with three children; Firdaus Niniola Adebayo and a wonderful twin; Fadlullah and Fadulraham Adebayo. Moving on, the big Nollywood wig aged 51, got united to his second wife Omotayo Memunat Sanusi on October 9th, 2016. This was eight years after his marriage with his first wife hit the brick walls.

The second marriage yielded a young lad named Fadhil Aridunnu Olatunde Adebayo. One may be astonished how He’s able to cope financially considering his enormous responsibilities but this, shouldn’t be an issue for the Big Nollywood wig because he is worth roughly $900,000 as of 2021. The actor also owns several high-end cars and houses in the country.

Picture of Femi’s tattooed body

Femi Adebayo’s Career Life

 Being a prodigy in the Nollywood industry,  Femi has featured in a plethora of movies,  some of which are; Idanwo (2006), Ofin Mose (2006), Inu (2007), Omo Pupa (2008), Atona (2009),  just to mention but a few. His Fame in the industry speaks volumes of his filmmaking dexterity and stands tall like the Iroko tree.

He is alleged to be one of the most influential and Nollywood-paid actors in the industry placed on the same pedestal with Nollywood Amazon,  Funke Akindele, and Odulade Adekola, born on December 31st, 1976, and is famously known as a film director, singer, filmmaker, and producer.  All of them charge not less than 400, 00 naira per movie.

Femi was signed as a brand ambassador for Unique Motors, he was gifted a brand-new Toyota Hilux TRD truck worth ₦35 million. Besides his latest car, he used to own a 2014 Volkswagen Passat and a Kia Sorento.

A picture portrait of Femi and his second wife

Accruing from the chunk of money he makes from the big screen sector here in Nigeria, Femi moved into his luxurious twin duplex located in Ibadan. It’s said to be a rented apartment and he reportedly celebrated his 43rd birthday there. Talking about Femi Adebayo will be incomplete if we fail to talk about his stylish nature and his flair for rocking tattoos unapologetically.


The tales of men like Femi Adebayo may not be exhausted in just a piece of writing cause the life he lives, and the impact and influence he exerts are almost unquantifiable.

He doubles as both a loving father and a fulfilled career person. Leaving the lucrative legal practice for the film industry is no small feat at all and deserves all the accolades and applause he gets. His Life has continually been an effulgence of greatness personified and a wonderful way to give back to the same society that made you.

The aspect of multitasking can make any natural human extremely exhausted and inefficient but for a man like Femi, it’s an easy ride down the aisle.

Summarily, his life exemplifies the fact that Life will always work out to give you whatever you desire so long as you put in commensurate hard work, unbending focus, unwavering diligence, and proportionate commitment.


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