Final year student shared funny video with her project specimen

A final year student leaves many laughter their heads off as she shared a glimpse into her reaction with her project specimen.

A final year student leaves many online users reeling with laughter as she shares a snippet of her interaction with her project specimen.

The lady who is a student of Animal breeding and genetics shared the video to her Tiktok page, @ariyikee__.

In the now viral video, she could be seen checking the pulse rate of a very big white chicken.

While she was carryout her work, the chicken struggled, she hit it gently for it to compose itself while she carried on with her work.

She admitted she was very tired but she did not harm the animal in anyway.

Here are some reactions to the video

@irabor Ankara fabrics asked: “did you just hit your patient 😂😂”

@Mammieewa3 noted: “The werey hen no wan cooperate 😂😂😂”

@bibcy_a said: “The look is giving “are you whining yourself?“ in dj chicken voice 😂”

@Phillo 🥷🏾 ⚔️🇳🇬 claimed: “This one fit beat man”

@elijahagain reacted: “The slap at the end 🤣
Na so you dey slap your patients!? 😂💔”

@Tidoss Stephanie added: “Justice for the chicken 😩😂😂”

@Ida Hart commented: “Pot no far from you 💔😂😂”

@iam_annan wrote: “😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 wetin you wan diagnose now 🤭😂”

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