“Forgive me and I would serve your God” — Man who defamed Nathaniel Bassey pleads for mercy

A Nigerian man who was part of the five persons who defamed Nathaniel Bassy and Mercy Chinwo about the paternity of their child makes a U-turn, please for mercy.

Nigerian man who told pastor Blessed, the husband of Mercy Chinwo to carry out a DNA test on theor child makes U-turn, breaks down in tears and begs for forgiveness from Nathaniel Bassey and Mercy Chinwo.

The young man who is known on Facebook as Agozi Commedy claimed Mercy Chinwe’s son with her husband, Blessed Uzochikwa, resembled her colleague, Nathaniel Bassey.

Not stopping there, he went further to advise Blessed to carry out a DNA test because he was almost certain that the child was not his own but for Nathaniel Bassey.

Despite numerous backlash he faced online, he refused to back down on his accusations, insisting that it was a case of paternity fraud by Mercy Chinwo.

His strong accusation caused Nathaniel Bassey to take legal action by making a petition with the police against him and some other social media users who made such statements.

Broken by this, he cried out on his social media page begging the gospel singers to forgive him for his behavior.

He emphasised that he has been depressed since the petition was announced and requested for another chance as he was carried away by the hype surrounding social media.

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