Frustrated man quit his job to free himself from responsibility of catering for his family

A frustrated Nigerian man reportedly quit his job to fee and saved him from the responsibility of providing for his family needs.

A Frustrated Nigerian man reportedly quit his job to free and save himself from the responsibility of providing for his family’s monetary needs.

This was shared in social media by the man’s nephew known on X as Rotimi as he narrates thr drama that occured after his resignation.

According to him, his uncle quit his job and moved out of the house that he built for them to rent an apartment.

He later found out that the reason he did this was so he will no longer had to take the responsibility of taking care of their financial needs.

The tweet read …

“My uncle just resigned from his job, leaving us in his house, which he owned, to rent a place far from us. I realized later that he had resigned simply to free himself from the financial burden of supporting the family”

Check out the reaction below:

@DuchessDexi said; “Being the only breadwinner in a family comes with a lot of responsibilities”

@ChukwunyeluOrji remarked; “your uncle is a legend and a very good man, i hope he start charging u people rent as soon as possible”

@RichBlackWidow commented; “I know someone in my neighborhood, that also resigned, bcoz her debts were more than her salary”

@r_thoughts_yes said; “Maybe because you talk more than you do. What is the point of a post like this anyway? 🤯”

@Lobeko_Kenanao coomented; “Please remind him to change his numbers too so y’all won’t be able to reach him.”

@BlueSnowball1 remarked; “The fact that he left you guys in HIS HOUSE says a lot about his nature, he’s a good man who’s tired”

@TreyMtho1 stated; “Another problem with being the only breadwinner is that some family members just waste and never think on your behalf. It’s so draining 😔”

@Dawn_stha penned; “What a kind man. Left you guys an entire house in this economy to burden himself with rent. Truly an awesome being.”

@PhillRamboo stated; “And in that family there big boys who smoke and drink beer every day but they dont work am that Uncle.”

@butimotsitsi wrote; “U guys mst leave him alone, he was tired of taking care of so many ppl. He cudnt even enjoy his money”

@AngieYammie wrote; “I understand where he is coming from. You know receiving texts left, right and centre, asking for money. Weeeee. Our families (extended) can delay our success.”

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