Gen Z doctors provoke outrage online as viral video shows them dancing while performing surgery

Some group of doctors have been chastised by social media users for dancing to Shllipopi’s song while performing surgery on a patient in a viral video.

Some Gen Z doctors provokes outrage on social media after a viral video shows them dancing to a song by Shallipopi song, while performing surgery on a patient.

The video was shared to X, by an X user, @dunniszn_, where she lamented bitterly over the unethical practice of the young doctors.

The carefree doctors could be seen dancing to a song in the operation theatre while the patient laid unconscious as they carried out the procedure.

Their action raises eyebrows as many question the safety of their actions in regards to the health of the patient who was left in their care.

Watch the video below:

See some reactions below:

@kvnglayooo wrote: “as long as they are qualified, i don’t see the problem”

@Ynw_szn stated: “They should just relief them from their job, If they want to be Poco Lee, they should go home”

@that_g_i_r_l opined: “These ones go forget syringe for people belle”

@laydayldrm3 added: “It is encouraging to see Gen Z doctors actively participating in the medical field and gaining experience in the operating theatre. Their enthusiasm and dedication will surely contribute to the advancement of healthcare.”

@franksdonald said: “As I dey watch the video me sef dey dance, no go deyyyyyyyyyyy”

@Frankiee44 claimed: “This is Unethical and unprofessional”

@CharlesBekee4 replied: “I know a professional surgeon in Lagos who listens to music at low volume when operating on patients. Iv also read it that it’s a thing for some surgeons. They claim it helps them concentrate. But certainly not this type of loud music and surely not dancing or moving to the tune, these ones are overdoing.”

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