“Go burn my clothes” – Man tells his ex-girlfriend to burn clothes he bought for her on seeing it on her status

A Nigerian lady burns the clothes an ex boyfriend bought for her after he slammed her in her DM for still wearing the cloth he bought for her.

A Nigerian man took the drastic move of burning clothes bought by her ex boyfriend for her after he ordered her to do so on seeing it with her.

In the video which she shared on her social media showed the text she received where he was warning her to burn the clothes she wore in a picture she uploaded on her WhatsApp, as he is not happy seeing her with them.

Shortly after his statement, the lady in question set fire to the said clothes, as the video shows a piece of clothing being set ablaze.

Watch the video below:

See some reactions below:

HARMLESS STRANGER: “So guys fight there ex.”

Desire: “Nice…you suppose send this video to him.”

Jpizzle: “The one wey him give your popsy nko.”

Omodunni: “If i burn am make i bend.”

What country is this: “The guy did well.”

kiki: “When they go mad you go madder.”

Royal: “Burn ke Abi Moti burn ni innocent clothes.”

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