“He replaced me” – Lady breaks down in tears as boyfriend dumps her unexpectedly


  • A lady has been left heartbroken after her boyfriend who she broke up with started dating again.
  • She shared an emotional video of her crying on her social media page while narrating the story.

A heartbroken lady has cried out bitterly after her man unexpectedly dumped her for another girl.

She shared an emotional video of herself crying while narrating her story.

According to her, she knew that they were never going to get back together, but it still hurts to see him with someone else and spoiling her with everything she begged for.

She wrote:

“It has happened he replaced me. I knew this day, I just didn’t expect it so soon. I have accepted that we are never getting back together but I found Solace in him being single and focusing on his career.

“I guess that he didn’t have much to let go of but that certainly doesn’t take away my pain. She looked so happy. She appears to be getting everything I begged for. This exactly worked my healing process needed, thanks a lot Rachel.”

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