“He settled for the better woman” – Lady replies friend who accused her of getting engaged to her boyfriend

The lady who was accused of snatching her friend’s boyfriend and getting engaged to him shares her own side of the story.

A lady identified simply as Jenifa who was accused of snatching and getting engaged to her friend’s boyfriend shares her side of the story.

Recall that a lady took to her X handle, @onyibabyyyy to reveal how heartbroken she was after finding out that her freind who she introduced to her boyfriend recently got engaged to him.

In her narration, she claimed that she introduced Jenifa to her boyfriend in September, only to see photos of their engagement recently.

Jenifer angered by the twist of the story has come online to narrate her own side of the story.

According to her, Onyinye and her boyfriend, Mike, had been having issues before they began dating.

She added that it is no fault of hers that her boyfriend chose her.

Jenifa wrote …

“Oh please Onyinye, don’t try to paint a different narrative to the public. You and Mike were already having issues before I started dating him. Stop trying to gain public sympathy!

It’s not my fault he settled for the better woman, maybe you need to work on your character so you can bag another man.

❤️ & 💡”

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