“He used our baby” – Lady dumps husband after shocking discovery

A Nigerian lady has been left heartbroken 12 days to her wedding anniversary after what she discovered about her husband.

A Nigerian lady has shared how she ended her three years marriage some days to her wedding anniversary after a painful discovery about their husband.

The TikTok user, shared a video on her page detailing her ordeal in the hands of her husband and how she discovered that he is allegedly involved in ritualistic activities.

The woman started the video by showing off a mug she made for their anniversary but was later shattered due to her heartbreak.

According to the TikTok user, she stumbled upon evidence that suggested her husband was a “ritualist” and intended to use her for money rituals.

She also alleged that her daughter, was allegedly used in her place for the alleged money ritual.

“It was a beautiful one but make he dey go… baba wan use me do money but unfortunately my innocent baby girl had to pay the price.” the lady said in part.

Watch the video below:

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